Exterior Plants

  • Our entrance displays can create an elegant and aesthetically pleasing first impression to any building.

    Bay trees and Buxus topiary give a structured and formal look, which can be softened with under planting of flowers or ivy. With weekly maintenance visits our exterior technicians have the skills to keep these displays in evergreen splendour.

  • Our team of exterior technicians have particular expertise in the designing, planting and maintenance of roof terraces. Often more exposed than ground level gardens, roof terraces pose their own particular problems as well as having their own particular charms. Our planting schemes perfectly reflect the sanctuary the urban roof garden often represents, giving the office a much needed reflective space.

    We can also create rooftop kitchen gardens that serve as home-grown produce for restaurants, growing a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Our stunning collection of office window boxes instantly brighten up any window sill or balcony.
    Our planters can be made to measure and are available in a wide range of materials and finish.

    Our dynamic planting schemes can be tailored to your needs and are seasonally replanted to ensure a year round fully flowering display.

    We can arrange for our team of skilled technicians to care for your window boxes, giving you the pleasure without the hassle.