Living walls for offices, hotels and restaurants

Living walls are a great option to add liveliness and biodiversity to your workplace. Using a wide range of carefully selected plants we can turn your feature wall into a fresh, healthy and eye catching statement.

We design, supply, install and maintain living walls for offices, hotels and restaurants throughout London.

We provide bespoke designs of living walls, also known as green walls or planted walls, taking into account your environment, the wall structure and your aesthetic requirements.

Why Living Wall?

  • Enhance your commercial environment with natural landscaping.
  • Stimulate creativity and productivity.
  • Improve air quality and acoustics.
  • Can be used as a partition to divide office space areas.
  • Helps balance humidity and improve air quality.
  • Boost the health of your workforce.
  • Choose from wide range of foliage and flowering plants.
  • No requirement for plumbing - easy to install in most locations.
  • Living art to enhance any workspace